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Agriculture, Agronomics and Rural Investments

Scot Consulting: Soil Overview Brazil, 8th edition 2012

Short Summary: This overview presents an encompassing synopsis of the geographic and pluviometry conditions of rural areas in all Brazilian states. It contains actual data (2012) with abundant statistics regarding price developments, production and productivity patterns etc. The analysis gives a preliminary impression of Brazil´s agricultural potential.

Oliveira, Fábio Alvares/Sfredo, Gedi Jorge/Caso, César/Klepker, Dirceu: Fertilidade do solo e nutrição da soja, in: Circular Técnica, Londrina 2007
http://www.agrolink.com.br/downloads/FERTILIDADE DO SOLO E NUTRI DA SOJA.pdf
Short Summary: The analysis provides a fertility study of Brazilian soils, focusses on a cientific approach for measuring the fertility in general, the acidity in specific and recommends approaches in order to correct for over-acidity of soils.

Lima, Antônio Agostinho/Oliveira, Francisco Nelsieudes/Aquino, Antônio Renes Lins: Solos e Aptidão Agrícola das Terras do Estado do Tocantins, in: Embrapa Agroindustria, Documento 31, 2000.

Short Summary: An abundant analysis detailing the soil conditions in Tocantins, including a soil taxonomy, general geographic and pluviometric conditions, as well as recommendations for agricultural use. The text focusses on different soil types (like argia or latossol) and derives the most appropriate cultivating methods.

Cezar de Souza, Climaco 2015: Gaseificadores de biomassa: um novo futuro energético sustentável e justo, do Brasil para o mundo
Agrolinks: http://www.agrolink.com.br/colunistas/ColunaDetalhe.aspx?CodColuna=6944

Cezar de Souza, Climaco 2015: Estudo Comparativo de Geração de Energia Elétrica por Cavacos de Madeira

Further Reading/Extending Literature:

Hungria, M./Campo, R.J./Mendes, I.: Fixação biológica do nitrogênio na cultura de soja, Londrina, Embrapa Soja, 2001 (Circular Técnica, 35)

Raij, B. Van: Fertilidade do solo e adubação, São Paulo, Agronômica CERES/Potafos, 1991

Real Estate Purchase Regulations/Evaluations

Cardoso Junior, Ailton/Guerra, Rodrigo Ribeira 2003: Parecer referente à aquisição de Propriedade Rural por Estrangeiro e criação de Pessoa Jurídica Nacional

Short Summary: The juridical report by Cardoso Junior & Guerra provides a general evaluation of the possibilities of acquiring rural properties in Brazil, focussing on particular on the legal status-quo situation as well as the requirements/necessities.

World Bank, 2012: Best Practices in Public-Private Partnerships Financing in Latin America: The Role of Guarantees.

KPMG Brazil, 2014: Data Consolidation of the Private Equity and Venture Capital Industry in Brazil.

Renewable Energies: Eolic, Photovoltaic and Biomass

Cezar de Souza, Climaco/Hahn, Andreas 2015: Biomass Gasifiers: a sustainable and fair new future energy - originating in Brazil
Agrolinks: http://www.agrolink.com.br/colunistas/ColunaDetalhe.aspx?CodColuna=6954

Cezar de Souza, Climaco: Energias Solar mais Eólica, Etanol/biodiesel e Biomassa nos libertarão do petróleo e das hidro?
Agrolinks: http://www.agrolink.com.br/colunistas/ColunaDetalhe.aspx?CodColuna=6766

Cezar de Souza, Climaco/Hahn, Andreas 2014: Solar Energy in Brazil - Opportunities in the Solar Energy Market
Agrolinks: http://www.agrolink.com.br/upload/colunas/Solar%20Energy%20in.pdf

IRENA, International Renewable Energy Agency: Renewable Energy Policy Brief Brazil, June 2015
Short Summary: Encompassing analysis of the Brazilian energy sector, including economic variables and political switch stands, based on the Ten Years Energy Expansion Plans. The article provides an overview of the market situation and the legislative process leading to a strengthening of the Brazilian solar, wind and biomass-sector.

Luomi, Mari: Sustainable Energy in Brazil: Reversing Past Achievements or Realizing Future Potential, in: The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, August 2014.
Short Summary: An alternative evaluation of the Brazilian renewable energies situation, focussing on Brazil´s advances and efforts in promoting wind, solar and biomass energy. The author points a critical light on some failures and reversals, however hints to the fact that the Brazilian government remains strongly committed to renewable energy, by putting into reality a growing number of auctions, granting fiscal incentives etc. She concluded the analysis with Policy Recommendations that take into account the heightened demand for energy in Brazil in the years to come.

Tolmasquim, Mauricio: Energia Renovável: Hidráulica, Biomassa, Eólica, Solar, Oceanica; EPE - Empresa de Pesquisa Energética 2016.
Short Summary: The purpose of this excellent book is to give a glimpse on Brazil´s usage of alternative energies (hydraulic, biomass, solar, wind), embedded in an international scenario of strengthening sustainable energies. It evaluates how well Brazil managed to cope so far with the demands of these energies and which challenges still lay ahead.


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