Consulting in Agribusiness, Renewable Energies and Real Estate
Offered Services Brazil
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We offer a wide range of consultancy services on academic level, provided by leading experts with master and phd-degrees, in the fields of agribusiness consulting, renewable energies and real estate. Our activities comprise various forms of market and sectoral analysis, due diligences, elaboration of business plans etc. For every client we elaborate an individual consulting service, based on our knowledge and long-term experience. Consultancies can occur in different ways, from oral seminaries and real/virtual conferences to written assessments and analysis. There are usually done in portugues, english and german language.
  1. Feebased Services

    1. Real Estate Assessment and Consulting

      This category is directed, in the majority of cases, towards individual/natural persons. Subject to the corresponding services is the search for and the investment in particular properties (houses, apartments, lots) which are suited for individual and residential use:

        Documentary Analysis and Evaluation (escritura publica, certidoes, cessão de direitos)
      • Comparative Analysis of the regional property situation
      • Inclusion of local/regional partners and networks
      • Initiation, Attendance and Advisory Services in relation to the dialogue between costumer and proprietor
      • Organisation of property visits
      • Consulting in General Matters (Presentation of the Region, Infrastructure, „First Steps in the Brazilian Daily Routine“)

    2. Property and Business Evaluation - Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural Properties

      A considerably more complex issue is the search for suited commercial properties. In the 21st century Brazil has become a worthwhile investment country with high returns and growth rates. In particular, the agricultural sector has an eminent role. Finding and Evaluating matching properties requires e.g. detailed knowledge of economic parameters as well as the regional characteristics of the respective area.
      We dispose of ample regional know-how and offer:

      • Due diligence and evaluation
      • Business plans and financial projections (Internal Rates of Return, CapEx calc. etc.)
      • Analysis of the regional real estate market/Search and Acquisition
      • Analysis of regional parameters (environmental parameters, infrastructure, etc.)
      • Market and competition studies
      • Assessment of Commercial Viability
      • Rental Analysis
      • Evaluation of sustainability
      • Organization of Property visits
      • Initiation, Attendance and Advisory Services in relation to the dialogue between costumer and proprietor

    3. Market Assessment (Pricing) and Survey of Privat and Commercial Properties

      On many occasions proprietors themselves are not able to accompany the development on the property market accordingly – due to time constraints or geographical barriers. In relation to that we offer the following services:

      • Inventory of properties (including photo documentation, status description)
      • documentary analysis
      • Market price estimation/evaluation

    4. Consulting and Monitoring of Investor-Negotiations

      Do to our abundant experience and excellent networks in Brazil we have access to a wide range of commercial properties, particularly in the agricultural/rural sector. To potential investors we offer a broad portfolio of properties in attractive growth markets. The acquisition of a larger commercial property should always be well planned and carried out diligently – transactions of a major scale do not "happen overnight". A very sensitive area concerns the flawless communication between International investors and Brazilian proprietors. Both groups usually are characterized by significant (cultural) differences, especially in terms of business practices and habits. Brazilian „rules of the game“ are not always easy to understand for non-Brazilians. We assist and advise investors on the way up to the completion of the the transaction. We offer the following services:

      • Translation and Interpretation (English / Portuguese)
      • Organization of conferences and negotiations
      • Mediation and intervention during conflicts (conflict resolution)
      • Organization of property visits
      • Consulting in all matters during negotiations

    5. Due Diligence

      • Due diligence and Viability analysis of agricultural investment and agricultural real estate
      • Company Formation:
        • Development and elaboration of the company contract (German and Portuguese) with particular regard to the intended purpose of the company
        • Registration of the company contract in the Company Register of corresponding state ("Junta Commercial")
        • Obtaining the necessary tax registration with the corresponding financial authorities - federal, state and community level ("CNPJ", "IE" and "CCM")
        • Obtaining the necessary tax registration of foreign shareholders ("CNPJ")

  2. Fee Agreements

    1. Fee/compensation on an hourly basis

      In average we charge a fee of 250 R$ - 300 R$ (Brazilian Reais) + VAT (if applicable in Europe) per hour, depending on the issue at hand, its difficulty and complexity and the amount of foreseeable preparatory work.

    2. Flat Fee/Lump-Sum-agreement

      If we can estimate the total expected costs of the consultancy, based on a reliable evaluation of the circumstances, we offer as alternative a lump-sum agreement covering all the expenses and costs involved in the consultancy.

  3. Other

    Principal languages of communication are english, german and portuguese (business fluent).
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